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BrowseHero™ Overview

BrowseHero is a new utility that brings the best of the FamilySearch family tree website and the power of your desktop together. BrowseHero works by showing the FamilySearch website inside the tool, and adding many new and exciting features to the FamilySearch interface along with our patent pending Full Family Graph. With the ability to find errors and maintain local research notes alongside your FamilySearch family tree in a single tool what’s not to love about BrowseHero.


Single Application! BrowseHero provides a single web browser window with the following integrated panels:
The FamilySearch family tree website is displayed in an integrated web browser. You will find additional BrowseHero links in family tree web pages that perform other additional functionality. FamilySearch Family Tree website
Task Dashboard The Task Dashboard provides a visual interface that enables you to look at your family tree as:
  • A list of people.
  • A list of things to do next.
  • A list of errors.
  • A list of warnings.

The Task Viewer provides a methodology of filtering the list of people/tasks using filters like:

  • Gender
  • LDS Event Type
  • LDS Event Status
  • Surnames
  • Birth Date

This provides you with a powerful interface that allows you to quickly filter your family tree into many different types of lists. For example:

  • List of women that are missing a specific LDS Event that are ready to be done.
  • View the names of all men born between 1800-1750
  • View all people in your tree missing a birth date.
  • View all people that have duplicate biological parents with the surname of Smith.

This is just a sample of the types of things lists you can create with a few simple clicks.

Task Viewer
Full Family Graph The MuddyHeroes Full Family Graph viewer which displays a small portion of a person you identify in the FamilySearch family tree.
Finds Errors BrowseHero’s SeeKin interface provides a powerful tree analysis capability that will find errors such as:
  • Person is their own parent.
  • Loops - person is their own ancestor.
  • Person married to parrent.
  • Person with more than 1 set of biological parent.
  • Duplicate couples.
  • Duplicate individuals.
Finds Potential Problems In addition to errors, BrowseHero can be used to identify potential errors or specific cases such as:
  • Find families with adopted children.
  • Find potential birth date errors.
  • Find families with missing LDS events.
  • Find families with missing spouse.
  • Find families with no children.
  • Find families with possibly missing children.
  • Find families with common ancestors (where bloodlines merge).
Research Database BrowseHero keeps a separate Research database alongside your family tree that contains your research findings. Each research finding is stored in a tag. Tags are used to store many types of information such as errors, warnings, searched individuals, relationships, your personal notes, To-Do items etc. The BrowseHero graphical user interface provides an easy way to select tags and quickly view the related family in the FamilySearch family tree.
Provides Information Needed To Fix Errors When you find errors or areas of your tree you want to work on simply click on tag to locate that person in the FamilySearch family tree. BrowseHero provides help pages for each type of error & warning found with hints and information on how to resolve the problem.

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